Leadership Message: June

Hey all you daring developers of community, rabble-rousing movement builders, and barrier breaking moment makers,

Year-end grant reporting and budget reconciling got you wishing you could go back in time?

Political babble pumping you up? Or pushing you down?

Commencement speech season got you daydreaming about all the ways you should have spent all that tuition money?

If that old June gloom has got you down, we’ve got the perfect temporary cure. A gaggle of us will be kvetching up at New Bohemia Brewing Company on 41st Avenue 5:30 Wed. June 15th, and we hope you’ll join the party.      

Are we the only ones who’ve been thinking lately about bullshit and truth and how it applies to our work in the nonprofit sector? Harry Frankfurt calls bullshit,  “Not a matter of concealing the truth, but a matter of manipulating the listener, if the truth will do, that’s fine, and if the truth won’t do, that’s also fine.”

Are you able to resist that insidious urge to bullshit, given funders to kowtow to, donors to impress, and volunteers to encourage? Truly, who’s going to know if you stretch the truth, fudge the numbers some, or project today where you hope to be in 6 months?

As we enter fiscal year-end season for many, we’re encouraged by the reminder that the truth trumps bullshit. Call us hopeless over-sharers, but what good is it obscuring cold, hard reality, even with the people holding the purse strings?

“I think a world without bullshit would be more interesting...we would have the fascination and wonderment of reality, and in that way I think the world would be much better off.” -Harry Frankfurt

So whether it’s on the campaign trail, on the dog-and-pony tour, or in that grant report narrative, here’s to resisting and rejecting that substitute for the truth, wherever we find it. Looking ahead, we hope to explore this topic in part with foundation representatives when we pull together our next career development workshop in September.

Until next time, stay decent,

YNPN Central Coast

-PS Millennials- Got 10 min. to shape the future of local volunteerism and giving? Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County needs your no-bullshit answers on this survey. What community resources for volunteerism and giving serve you best? What messages resonate with you? How can the Volunteer Center better meet your need to find the right opportunity to give back. Go on and give 'em a piece of your mind.