What We're Reading: May Edition

Angst and Resignation at Goodwill Over CEO Pay- Central Coast Goodwill Board Member (and Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau Chief) Jess Brown ended his 25 year relationship with Goodwill over a series of financial moves he saw imprudent. A $65K raise? A package worth over $300K? What do those numbers do for you? Enrage? Encourage? (SC Sentinel)

Surviving the Whitewater- Have the carefree and fun days at work given way to a rockier phase with more conflict? From Turbulence to Sustainable Success looks at how to navigate inevitable rapids by building systems and org. culture that can thrive long-term, not just when waters are calm. Bold enough to share with your E.D.? (Next Step Partners)

Hacking Our Way to Better Productivity- Knowledge workers (I guess that means us) need brain rest. Does a 4 x 10 hour week lead to better results than 5 x 8’s? What about an impenetrable 2 hour distraction-free focus session every day? Guardian journalist Oliver Burkeman explores strategies and ideas to get better results and make us feel better about what we get done. (Oliver Burkeman)

What Job Descriptions Really Tell Us- Hey job seekers, as you peruse our handpicked leads this month, will your eyes roll at what a certain phrase in that job description actually means? As in, salary commensurate with experience: We’re ashamed to actually say what it is, but it’s probably nowhere near commensurate with your experience level. The crackups at the NWB blog have a translation guide that’ll have you cynically laughing every time you read a nonprofit job description. (Nonprofit With Balls)