What we're reading: April Edition

Inspiring Enterprise Shares Why Locals Love Their Nonprofit Job

We’re ga-ga for our crush Teresa Ruiz Decker’s profiles of local nonprofit studs including Digital NEST’s Jacob Martinez, our own Laurie Egan of Coastal Watershed Council, and Mariah Tanner from United Way. Take a peek and renew your faith in the goodness and satisfaction in our work.

Victory Declared in Fight For $15

Our golden state bets that a $15 minimum wage will serve justice for the working poor and raise bottom lines. SB 2’s phased approach is designed to provide an adjustment period, and it should be least disruptive here on the coast. Questions amid the hoopla: Are nonprofits ready for the extra fundraising burden? Will new costs be offset by fewer clients in need?

Earth Day Beach Cleanup Inspiration

First, read how local kids are turning plastic garbage from the ocean into art worthy of a local exhibit and inclusion in a global collection. Next, sufficiently motivated to not let those meddlin’ kids show you up, signup with Save Our Shores for a beach cleanup April 16th or 17th to do your part.

Embezzlement, Cover-up, Acid Attack, at a Healing Arts Nonprofit?

Think you had an awful day at the office? It does not even register compared to the CEO of NY’s Healing Arts Initiative who had her face nearly burned off by an acid- throwing conspirator of an employee who’d stolen $750,000. How does it go so wrong that it gets to that?

Is a Handout Better than a Hand Up?

Jeff Madrick of the Century Foundation argues it’s time to look at direct cash aid to poor parents to help fix our child poverty problem. Is spending $18 billion to raise 3 million kids out of poverty a good idea? It seems to be working in the UK and Canada, but if ketchup-flavored chips can’t even make it in the US of A, would a price tag like that for social spending have a prayer?