What we're reading: March edition

  • Looking for some website re-design inspiration? Crib from one of the lush pages of the Top 20 Nonprofit Websites.
  • Ever wondered, “How do I promote myself without being a jerk?” Lucky for you, you awkward humblebragger, 99U’s got you covered.
  • With leprechaun and April Fools season at hand, now’s a perfect time to plot a well-crafted office prank. These oughta get some ideas flowing.
  • Ahem, a question for the white dudes: When was the last time you felt “othered” at work? Have we ever thought about what race our organization is? Some provocative lines of thinking coming out of the Building Movement Project.
  • Quick, who’s the hottest social-emotional skill right now? That buzzy darling Grit? The ever-trending Empathy?  Or good ol’ fashioned Joy? Successful kids have them, but teachers are angsting over how to measure them. The NY Times looks at the issue with far-ranging implications for education and youth-serving nonprofits.