Remind me...why do we do what we do?

Hey You Fierce-Hearted, Sea Salt Encrusted Sprite,

With the season of renewal upon us, we’re looking at why we put our roots down in the social sector. Why do we do what we do? What provides the motivation, the commitment, and the passion that keeps us going when we’re clocking 40 hours by #TBT, the work is effin’ hard, and the rents are too damn high?

What draws us YNPNers to solve social problems rather than say, joining the techies over the hill? Or saying yes to that friend-of-a-friend in Bonny Doon trying to lure you into his lucrative grow op?

Is it that what we’re doing offers that sense of purpose at the core of our beings? Is it a necessary vehicle for living out our burning convictions? Is it that only intrinsic rewards can truly feed us?

Maybe it’s not so idealistic of a picture. But who doesn’t want to look in the mirror and know that what we’re doing counts, that we're not just parked on Highway 1 to go punch the clock?

Heaven knows we all have our Mama-said-there’d-be-days-like-this days. But when you’re doing something you know is meaningful to you, there's also that spark, that exhausted fulfillment, and that satisfaction of being in the right place at the right time.

Work worth doing – is it the most reliable source of meaning the world’s ever known?

What we know is that we do it to help solve public problems that are important to us.

We do it to make life better for other people. But we also do it for ourselves, because we’re willing to bet that a career in service is a sure path to a meaningful life. We know that what we do matters and it’s what makes our roots grow hardy. Here’s to the Yearners.