Leadership message: November 2016

Well, here we are. Three days post election and still processing -- and that’s OK.  We won’t take another moment of your time explaining how all this has happened or even try to predict how this moment in time will impact us years from now. Instead we’ll focus on the here and now. Right here, right now we have each other.

Each one of us has chosen our work because of the values we want to see in the world. We believe the community and compassion take their place high above selfish motives and single minded-ness. We can hold our heads up a little higher in the world knowing that no matter what comes our way the good in our hearts will  remain the same. No presidency can ever change that.

Today, tomorrow and years from now we’ll wake up, get dressed and still find ways to do good. Big or small, quietly or loudly, discrete or outright we will always take action to create the world we want to live in. That’s just the type of people we are. The type of people we’re proud to call friends. So here’s to you YNPNCC, for keeping your head in the game and not taking your eyes off what really matters in this world -- no matter what comes our way.