Leadership Message: October

I swear we tried to write this letter to you early! In fact we brainstormed about topics and had every intention of getting up extra early on a Saturday (think 5:30 am) to write this message but -- life happened.

Teresa: My two year old to be exact. As I tried to sneak out of bed stealthily to make my way into the kitchen where my laptop was waiting, my two year old popped her head up out of bed.

“Where are you going mommy?”, said a little voice in the blue early morning darkness.

The sweet call of morning time snuggles can not be resisted...

Mariah: Mine did not include a two year old, or a 5:30am wake-up call, but did include a farewell party for an amazing community rockstar, early morning acai bowls, and yoga with girlfriends that eventually led to a boogie-boarding beach day. Oh, and can I blame it on Open Streets, 'cause that happened. Basically, “my dog ate my laptop.”

And so it goes. Life and work and play converge again for us all. Dot orgs talk a lot about work-life balance which has us wondering, if it’s really a balance or more of a juggling act?! Or maybe it’s more like a fine mixture of ingredients, hoping that someday we will discover the perfect life cocktail (this + that = yum)!

Let’s face it the traditional M-F, 9am-5pm jobs are gone. We work weekends, put on events in the evening, check our email at 7 am, write YNPN newsletters on Sundays, scoot out for doctor’s appointments at 2 pm, make sure we wrap everything up in time for our softball game or finish our work when we get home because we had to get the kids from day care. Sometimes we’re the last to leave and set the alarm at 8 pm. Other times we show up and unlock that same alarm at 6 am. Sometimes we step back all together for weeks at a time to care for the ones we love.

Then we show up and do it all over again.

Burnout is HIGH in nonprofits. We are so busy taking care of our communities, environments, family and friends it’s easy to forget about ourselves. So this fall as we plunge full force into the business of new projects, kids activities and plenty of holidays to celebrate -- we’re also going to dive into Beth Kanter’s new book “The Happy Healthy Nonprofit”. She doesn’t have any affiliation with this group but we’ve been seeing her promoting the hell out of her new baby and feel like it’s totally worth taking some time to read.

Wanna join us? We’re giving away a free copy of Beth’s new book to the YNPNCCer who can answer this question best:

What is your cocktail for perfecting life-work balance? Is it shaken not stirred? Is it on the rocks? Top shelf? Tell us your secret ingredients for successfully sippin’ on self-care!